Batter-powered read-to-use extendable comfort wand spraer with water bag or gallon bottle

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Batter-powered Read-to-use Extendable Comfort Wand Spraer With Water Bag Or Gallon Bottle - Bu Read To Use Wand Spraer,Universal Power Spraer Wand,Garden Spraer Wand Product | Sprayers......

Product SummarInitiall created, the BPT1701 is a folding, handheld, batter-operated spraer with a Weirran patent. Its human engineering design convenientl suits an hand sie. With a length of 17.5 inches when unfurled allows ou to reach farther, keeps toxins awa from ou, and Spraing into a dead corner and tight slit is made simple b the small nole on a bent lance. Large switches allow for additional pressing options and accommodate people with both right and left hands. It is made of sturd materials and works well with practicall all devices.
Place of Origin
Zhejiang, China
Brand Name
WeirRan or OEM
Model Number
Spraer Tpe
Plastic Tpe
Weed Killer Plus Weed Preventer
Comfort Wand Spraer with water bag or gallon bottle
Item number
Eas-to-use with extended reach with a continuous spra.
No mixing required
No bending over and no more hand fatigue.
Convenient, no-mix formula
Turn an refill bottle into a power spraer
Use in flower beds vegetable gardens
90cm spra hose for a wide-ranging spra motion
Lawn Weed Killer
Adjustable nole with two spra settings,stream and jet
mist spraer
For Weed Killers, Herbicides, Insecticides
pest control spraer
Pumpless Batter Powered Spraer Wand
a replacement wand for brands like Ortho, Roundup, etc.
Matches most existing container which has 38/400 neck thread sie
Commercial Buer
Restaurants, Fast Food and Takeawa Food Services, Food & Beverage Stores, Specialt Stores, Food & Beverage Manufacture, TV Shopping, Department Stores, Bubble tea,Juice & Smoothie Bars, Super Markets, Hotels, Convenience Stores, Spice and Extract Manufacturing, Drug Stores, Cafes and Coffee Shops, Discount Stores, Caterers & Canteens, E-commerce Stores, Gifts Stores, Beer,Wine,Liquor Stores, Souvenir Stores